What is PET?

PET stands for: Positron Emission Tomography. It is a medical imaging modality that provides new and unique visual information used in the diagnosis and management of a number of diseases (cancers, heart disease, and brain disorders).

This diagnostic technology is very advanced and can identify incidents of cancer and heart disease much earlier than any other method. It can often avoid the need for intrusive surgery and can more accurately predict the potential outcome of treatment thereby enabling physicians to make more informed choices regarding the best treatment options for the patient. PET does not replace the better known imaging modalities of X-ray, CT or MRI, but rather, while these conventional modalities provide anatomical images of the body, PET offers a picture of the biological condition of a patient’s ailment. In recent years combined PET/CT scanners have become available which allow clinicians and researchers to fuse "biological" and "anatomical" images, thus allowing precise localisation of parts of the body affected by disease.

M2i manufactures the imaging agent (‘radiopharmaceutical’) that is used in PET imaging. At M2i a particle accelerator called a cyclotron is used to create very short lived radioisotopes (e.g. Flourine-18). These radioisotopes are then used to label specific molecules in a process known as synthesis. Thereafter, the synthesised products are dispensed into glass vials in a sterile environment and each vial is then packed into shielded transportation containers that are dispatched to PET imaging centres. Whilst the products are en-route to PET centres, the finished product is quality control tested to ensure it is within specification. Once completed and approved, the finished product can then be administered to patients as part of the PET scanning process.


M2i is fully licensed by the relevant national regulatory authorities to manufacture and supply FDG and other PET radiopharmaceuticals for PET/CT imaging. M2i has been supplying licensed products (Marketing Authorisation) in Ireland since 2003.

For further information, please contact us at info@m2i.ie


Quality is always at the forefront of our mind when supplying products to meet the needs of your PET/CT scanning service. To ensure that the products you receive are always of the highest purity and quality each production batch is released in accordance with approved protocols.

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